Fashion Tips for the Guys

Hello there guys. I know that we don’t usually get catered to when it comes to fashion but I’m here to give a few tips for the upcoming seasons. Spring and Summer are approaching it’s almost time to begin buying a new wardrobe. From shorts to bright colors to shoes that keep your feet cool, here are a few tips on what to buy.

DSquared2 Shorts
Shorts are a must have in a warm climate. But long, baggy shorts are no longer acceptable. The designers of DSquared2 captured this ideal best in their recent Spring 2009 runway show. Shorts ranging from just above the knee to about mid-thigh give a great look, fit and are just the right size to keep you cool. I know some of us are a little insecure about “showing leg” but i assure you you’ll be making the right decision.


Bright colors are the making of a Spring/Summer wardrobe, and the color blue is this years hottest hue. You can’t go this Spring or Summer without some blue of your own. Whether it be clothes, accesories or even shoes, you HAVE to emerge yourself in this “blue lifestyle.” And don’t give me the excuse of  “I can’t find anything I’d wear in that color,” because EVERY designer has incorporated some blue into their line this season. Especially Heritage 1981, the branch off of Forever 21. If you don’t have it in your local malls just check it out online, they even have size charts making your experience easier.


So, I was thinking, can we get on our “grown man” this year guys. Not too many more pairs of sneakers or those over worn Spurry’s will keep us in the fashion game. I like the idea of a nice pair of moccasins or some REAL loafers. That would be nice. Another fashion DON’T is anything that shows a man’s feet outside of his home, i.e. NO SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS, just not a good look. Save the “I have pretty feet story,” because women don’t care if you go for a weekly pedicure, they’d just rather not see that, ya know?? Check out Saks for your shoe collection this year.

With Spring and Summer also comes time for all your fun accersories like sunglasses, caps, jewelry and even fresh frangrances. Feel free to mix and match the best accesories, in colors such as blue, yellow, red and orange but be sure not to mask your outfit.

CoutureSteez Out!!!


3 Responses to “Fashion Tips for the Guys”

  1. February 5, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    I disagree; I think there’s room in this world for a “Mandal”. It’s just that so few men put in the grooming time necessary to pull it off, and so few understand the difference between a nice sandal and a flip-flop or the grody old sandals they’ve had since college (*shudder*). Under the right circumstances I like a nice man-sandal. Sadly few men are trained in the art of man-sandal use. 🙂

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