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JoeCouture: The Apology

So, with my return from a hectic hiatus/sabbatical, I must apologize to my readers, as well as my co-editor and columnist Couture Steez… These past few weeks have been seriously hectic for me… Nonetheless, I was committed to bringing you excellence, so it is my hope that you’ll allow me to continue to do so…

With that being said, I have some things in the works:

1. As said before, the return of Fashion Guru of The Week (It’s getter warmer out here!!!)

2. My review (photos included) for the recent SpringFest Fashion Show here @ HU

3. I still haven’t done my DCFASHIONWEEK piece, so that will be up

4. My new column, possibly entitled Confessions of a Shopoholic (I feel like it’s a bit cliche to take a movie title and make it the title for my blog chronicles, but until I create something better, it sticks…)

5. Possibly a reminder about current sales in popular stores (working in the mall, I basically know when sales are going on, so why not share them with you the moment they break out?!?)

My sincerest apologies again… That’s all for now.



It’s A Wrap.

The Project Runway suit has been settled after about a year. According to a statement released by NBC Universal, the Weinstein Company will pay NBC for the right to move the series to Lifetime. The sixth season of Project Runway is saved. The one that has already been shot. Crazy!!! Congratulations to all parties.

CoutureSteez Out!!!

BTW, Look out for a few things this month, including:

  • The return of Fashion Guru of the Week
  • More Videos That Inspire
  • Look into the Duffel Bag
  • Style Contest
  • New Polls

Videos That Inspire.

Once again we have a chick that has inspired many a trend. In 2006, Kelis Rogers-Jones let it be known that it’s okay to not always rock long, pretty hair, just as long as you do it right. Long before Rihanna came along, she had just about every female that considered themselves fashionable getting an A-symetrical bob, while some even took it as far as to get designs cut into their head like the risque’ songstress.

But it wasn’t just her haircut that caught our eye. Kelis’s swag was on 1000 before we had ever heard the phrase. From walking with a green dog to reciting lyrics as thourough as, “I’m bossy, I’m the FIRST girl to scream on the track, I switched up the beat of the drum, That’s right, I brought all the boys to the yard, and that’s right I’m the one that’s tattooed on his arm,” we had to give old girl her props. She has obviously influenced the Rihanna’s, Amber Rose’s and Solange’s, and I hope to see her help our girls into the next fashion wave.

To get the Kelis look, go to one of your local hair stylist famous for a good cut and then hit up bebe for a couple of garments to get ya Kelis on. Don’t be afraid of ruffles, huge bows, intricate detailing and short shorts. Here are a few things that could help you achieve the look.





CoutureSteez Out!!!

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