Couture Cars: Shaken, Not Stirred.

Aston Martin DB9

So, being an avid car afficionado, I decided I would interweave the automobile industry-namely, the upper echelon of the industry- with the Fashion industry… Enter Couture Cars. First up, while not known to many, it hails from a British company known for it’s grand tourers, as well as one of 007 Agent James Bond’s favorites: The Aston Martin DB9.

Aston Martin DB9 2

Aston Martin DB9 3

The Aston Martin DB9 was introduced in 2004 as a successor to the famed Aston Martin DB7. Coming in Coupe’ and Volante (convertible) form, the DB9 is powered by a 450hp V-12 engine, blasting the GT to 60mph in 4.6, topping out at 186mph. With a base price starting around $160,000 for the Coupe’, the DB9 can be configured in hundreds of exterior/interior color combinations and, if that’s too “common” for your tastes, Aston Martin offers a custom order program (for that price, why wouldn’t they?!?)

Aston Martin 4

Aston Martin 5


As keeping with U.C.’s personal beliefs-so to speak- I decided I’d post about the Aston Martin since it’s a vehicle many wouldn’t think about when ultra-luxurious vehicles come to mind, especially something coming out of the UK. It’s sexy, sleek, and has a bit of a lower profile, especially when compared to its main competitor, the Bentley Continental Coupe. Additionally, one would be able to say that his/her vehicle wouldn’t be spotted at the valet often. It has that Savile Row quality; you may not know what it is exactly, but you know that your dealing with something serious.

For more information about the DB9, as well as other vehicles in the Aston Martin lineup, check their website here.

Stay Classick.


2 Responses to “Couture Cars: Shaken, Not Stirred.”

  1. 1 urbancouture
    June 27, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    so I have truly just fell in love.
    this car is gorgeous and I could definitely see my wife, Sarah Roseste, and I stepping out of this on a daily lol.

    but really Joe, you’ve hit the mark with this one.


  2. 2 joecouture
    June 27, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    YESSS!!!! It’s such a major departure from the typical Bentleys you see gallavanting around. This is just as hot, but, being not as common, adds that level of exclusivity. For some reason, when I think of this car, I think of a nice gunmetal gray tailored suit…


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