BET Awards…Fashion Do’s.

Last night’s BET Awards were anything but appeasing, yet there were a few fashions that kept me intrigued.


First, there’s my wife and all time favorite female singer, Beyonce Knowles, sporting none other than a Balmain mini-dress. Regardless of what anyone says, I feel that the silhouette is amazing and the color adds just enough of a pop. If you had a body like her’s you’d wanna show it off too. Let’s just be glad she didn’t wear one of Tina’s originals.


Next there’s my boy Drake, with a pretty casual approach. Tip to Ciara, this is how you pull off casual on a Red Carpet. From the cardigan to the ankle boots, I’d def rock this ensemble. [BTW I think he made sitting on a stool rapping look pretty smooth. Hope the ACL heals.]



Alicia Keys, one of my least favorite artists, showed up in a Jenny Packham dress and Louboutin sandals. Kudos. But what exactly was she wearing when she went up for her award?? Not a good look.


Howard Alum, Lance Gross stepped on the scene with this fit last night and had me wanting to call him up and ask if he could drop by after the show leaving the blazer behind. I’m not quite sure who it’s by, and I’m kinda positive I’ll be a little turned off when I find out but as for now, it is truly appealing to my eye.


Keri Hilson is another singer I’m not too fond of, especially after attempting to come for my wifey and then being wack enough to deny it. Definitely wasn’t in true Decatur spirit. [That’s my hometown.] But this dress definitely was. Rumored to be an original piece by her stylist Brea Stinson, this dress is very eccentric and only she could have pulled it off. Double Kudos.


One of my favorite lyricists, Trey Songz, was one of what I’d say fifty guys that went with all white last night and was probably the only one that executed it supremely. I’d wear this fit from head-to-toe. Good job Trey.


Adrienne Bailon is another one that I’m not exactly sure what she’s wearing, but I’d guess Lanvin with this look. I think she looks hot. It’s a pretty simple look to be so complex in design. I’d take any girl out if she could pull this off.


Marlon Wayans looked really sharp with this fine tailored suit and sleek tie. He never fails to look his best.


Last is model, Amber Rose, sporting a dress and pumps by Alexander McQueen. Her date Kanye West suprisingly didn’t compliment her well in my opinion, but she def held her own. Maybe it’s her swag that allows her to pull off such a simple ensemble because Amerie sported the same dress and she didn’t quite make this list.

Hope you guys enjoyed my commentary. Feel free to leave some of yours.

CoutureSteez Out!!!

5 Responses to “BET Awards…Fashion Do’s.”

  1. 1 mesh
    June 29, 2009 at 5:54 pm

    Of these I think Beyonce won. Followed by Adrienne Bailon. and Yes, that blazer Lance is sporting is really nice, I would love to have it…(even though I hate blazers lol)


  2. 2 DCMarylandandMia
    June 29, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    i loveddddd Beyonce’s dress but I felt the earrings where a bit much. for some reason las night i felt the stars jus couldn’t pull off a complete outfit. everybody was either too much or not enough or bad hair or somethin. but i def agree with ur pics and i would also like to add that Lebron James looked pretty decent.

    • 3 urbancouture
      June 29, 2009 at 7:33 pm

      lebron actually was pretty sharp last night. he totally slipped my mind. great feedback though.


  3. 4 joecouture
    June 29, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    Great fashion coverage sir… But I must disagree with you about Amber Rose/Amerie… I think they both pulled off 2 great looks from the same dress. While Amber Rose’s look popped a bit (pink accessories and the blond baldie), Amerie’s look was a bit more drawn back, while still retaining a sultry, sexy look (complete with the smokey eyes, black accessories, and booties)…

    Classick post!


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