Couture Cars: Fresh Out of Crewe

Mulsanne 5

Since the introduction of the Bentley Continental/Flying Spur/GTC, my interest in Bentleys have declined, although if someone were to give me one, I’d gladly take it off their hands (besides, who’d be foolish enough to not do so?!?) However, I feel that the guys out in Crewe (England) have heard my cry. Enter, the 2010 Bentley Mulsanne.

Mulsanne 1 


Mulsanne 2

Mulsanne 4

The all new Mulsanne- named after the famous straight on the Le Mans circuit where racers reach their highest speeds- marks the first vehicle designed independently by Bentley Motors since 1930. Additionally, it revives the nameplate that was utilized from 1980-1992. Although official power figures haven’t been released, the Mulsanne will featured a redesigned version of the iconic Bentley V-8. My only guess is that power should be north of 400-450 English horses- this is a Bentley.

Slotted to replaced the aged Arnage, the Mulsanne, upon its release in 2010 for model year 2011, will be pitted against the Rolls-Royce Phantom and Maybach’s 57 and 62 variants. Expect a sticker price upwards of $400,000.

Mulsanne 3

Mulsanne 6

This car has totally restored my faith in Bentleys, although it was never lost; let’s just say it was put to the side. I’m so looking forward to seeing this somewhere. It has that classic style with a modern twist, a staple for anyone’s garage… Well, those who can afford to place this lovely vehicle in their garage(s).

Do we have a winner?!?

Stay Classick!



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