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Couture Cars: Fresh Out of Crewe

Mulsanne 5

Since the introduction of the Bentley Continental/Flying Spur/GTC, my interest in Bentleys have declined, although if someone were to give me one, I’d gladly take it off their hands (besides, who’d be foolish enough to not do so?!?) However, I feel that the guys out in Crewe (England) have heard my cry. Enter, the 2010 Bentley Mulsanne.

Mulsanne 1 


Mulsanne 2

Mulsanne 4

The all new Mulsanne- named after the famous straight on the Le Mans circuit where racers reach their highest speeds- marks the first vehicle designed independently by Bentley Motors since 1930. Additionally, it revives the nameplate that was utilized from 1980-1992. Although official power figures haven’t been released, the Mulsanne will featured a redesigned version of the iconic Bentley V-8. My only guess is that power should be north of 400-450 English horses- this is a Bentley.

Slotted to replaced the aged Arnage, the Mulsanne, upon its release in 2010 for model year 2011, will be pitted against the Rolls-Royce Phantom and Maybach’s 57 and 62 variants. Expect a sticker price upwards of $400,000.

Mulsanne 3

Mulsanne 6

This car has totally restored my faith in Bentleys, although it was never lost; let’s just say it was put to the side. I’m so looking forward to seeing this somewhere. It has that classic style with a modern twist, a staple for anyone’s garage… Well, those who can afford to place this lovely vehicle in their garage(s).

Do we have a winner?!?

Stay Classick!



I Wish I Was European.


Japanese retailer, Beams, has released it’s Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Look Book. The styles are well put together and consists of both casual and more business looks. I say, “I wish I was European,” because the brand will be sold, in the coming months, in Beams’s stores throughout Europe. Check it out, and “Find Your Own Style.”


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Couture Cars: Not Your Grandfather’s Car.

Buick 1No, this isn’t your Grandfather’s Buick- that big, gas-guzzling hearse he’s been driving faithfully since General Motors wasn’t owned by the American government. For you Philly people out there, this isn’t the “hood Buick” that about 100 of your friends have come to own. This is the all new, 2010 Buick LaCrosse, an indication of where the automaker is going. Lexus, get yourself ready for battle!

Buick 3

2010 Buick LaCrosse CXS

The LaCrosse is the second generation of the entry-level model, which made it’s debut in 2005, replacing the aging Century/Regal models. While the first generation was a great seller for Buick, I’m so expecting great things from this current model. Aimed at category mate, the Lexus ES, the LaCrosse comes equipped with a standard V-6 engine, producing 255hp. There’s another V-6 (this one is direct injected) as well,  pushing out 280 American thoroughbreds on tap. For you out there experiencing all weather conditions, it does come in All Wheel Drive form as well. Additionally, to further pull buyers away from the Lexus showrooms, the LaCrosse starts out under 30 grand.

Buick 4

Being a Philly kid to the core, I’ve always had a thing for Buicks, especially since they’re basically the most affordable “starter car” here in my city. But, I’ve never really looked at the company beyond that. However, if Buick/GM continues to produce models like the LaCrosse (FYI: Look out for what may be the next-gen Regal… I’m hearing great things!), I may have to reconsider pursuing a Japanese luxury marque!

How about you?!?

Stay Classick!


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