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I Can’t Be Serious…

Coach 1Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m so serious right now. For the longest, while I’ve held much hatred towards the “common Coach” bag- C’mon, you know those ugly, flimsy canvas bags with the C’s flooding every square inch of the bag- I’ve always maintained the leather company does produce some great, “uncommon” bags, such as those displayed in this post. This may get me in trouble with my colleagues @ UC (and possibly some of you), but I’m loving Coach‘s latest products, which fall under it’s “Boutique Exclusives” collection. Take a peek at a few examples (and my personal favorites):

Coach 2

Coach 3

Coach 4

Coach 5

So, I know that the styles I picked are a bit basic, possibly even dated, albeit presented in bold colors and materials, such as the sequined number pictured above… But I must say, they are a great alternative to the common Louis Speedy bags (real and fake) that have been flooding campus since I’ve been around Howard. Additionally, being a more “upmarket” Coach bag-in terms of looks and price- they’re not as flashy and, they’re staples that can go a long way… Remember ladies, this is a recession. You have to shop wisely now!

Any thoughts?!? Do share!

Stay Classick!



Fashion Tips for the Ladies.

February is quickly coming to a screeching halt, therefore it’s time to begin purchasing spring and summer fashions. Guys, not to long ago I gave you some tips on what to buy and now I must cater to my beautiful ladies. As a man there are a few things I love to see my woman in, but there are also things that I can go without. From dresses to handbags and flats to heels, there’s a plethora of possible fashion-do’s and here are a few. (This is strictly a suggestion on what I feel can become this year’s trends, so take it or leave it.)


It can’t be spring or summer without you owning AT LEAST two dresses; a bright, airy and fun dress and a more sophisticated, neutral and sleek one. If you shop at Urban Outfitters you are guaranteed to find one of each, if not more. The first dress pictured is a MINKPINK Tank dress that gives off a two-piece look which is always great. It can be worn as seen above or paired with a light cardigan or jacket to give a more sheek look. Next there’s a more western-vibed dress by Thistlepearl, an independent Australian line. When worn with a pair of cowboy boots and a pearl necklace, you can wear this on a night out with the girls or to you and your boyfriend’s favorite restaurant. If the first pair doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s the more outgoing approach with the dress from Ecote. You would definitely be the center of attention with this dress, whether you’re in class, at lunch or hosting your own suare. All it needs for a little spice is a fitted fedora and your favorite pumps. If you’re a girl that likes to be on her grown woman, is usually in an office atmosphere or just wants to try something new, the Urban Renewal Secretary Dress is a great choice. Made from a vintage secretary bow blouse, at the top, and vintage fabric remnant, at the skirt, you will once again be giving a two-piece look while not having to worry about if your blouse will continually escape from within. All you need to throw this look off is a clutch, some black stockings and some open toe booties.


As an avid blogger and shopper I have come across a lot of different things over the past few months, but there’s one thing that has stood out to me. PYTHON!!! Yes, like the snake. I remember in the late 90’s when women rocked the reptile family like there was no tomorrow. The difference between then and now is real opposed to look-alike. Unfortunately, python costs a pretty penny and Saks Fifth Avenue didn’t attempt to cut down the MSRP. With designers such as Gucci, JALDA, Zagliani and Ferragomo you’re looking at prices from around $1500-$3500. Fortunately, there are purses that may not be fully python but have the detailing starting at $360 which sounds a little more reasonable. If that’s still out of your grasp I’d recommend Bag, Borrow or Steal, a great rental service for your favorite accessories. I know you’re probably thinking “that sounds really low-budget” but just imagine carrying the latest, hottest bags for an amazing price. From hobos to satchels and totes to clutches, your handbag is what can make or break an ensemble so choose wisely, and try and go for at least one python oriented bag this season.

Girl's Shoes

Last, but certainly not least, is footwear. Before I begin I must say JESUS/GLADIATOR SANDALS ARE NOT IN, THEY WENT OUT WITH ANCIENT ROME. Now, I love to see my lady in both her flats and heels. Online store, Opening Ceremony has just the right styles for this spring and summer. For you ladies that are into the gladiator shoes you don’t have to totally stray away from that ideal with the peach W8 Desert Sandal. With a buckle strap, you can pair this with some slim trousers and a nice blouse for a more professional look. Or you can go a little more casual with the red W4 Gladiator Oxford, which takes a gladiator-inspired body and adds a twist with an oxford lace-up. With a nice skirt or summer dress you can give these shoes the all important “it” factor. Now, we all know that the fashionable chick can’t go without a bomb pair of pumps in her wardrobe.The W5 Flap Shoe gives you an oxford styled heel that can be worn both casually and for a more dressed up look. Finally, we have the W6 Elastic Heel which gives a strictly sophisticated shine. It is the epitome of cool; both cooling in the warm climate and a look that gives you many cool points.

I hope that these tips have been both entertaining and informative. I hope to see some of you around campus sporting these looks and becoming one of our Fashion Guru’s of the week. Please leave feedback and even give me some pointers on what you KNOW a girl can’t go without being that you truly are one.

CoutureSteez Out!!!


Washington, D.C. Shopping??


When it comes to shopping in DC, I am usually excited to go to Georgetown or Pentagon City Mall because of the large variety of nationwide fashion franchises. When in reality I love the idea of shopping at little boutiques allowing myself the chance to be a little more unique in what I own. A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I went walking down the famous U Street Corridor, here in Washington D.C. and I came a cross a couple of nice boutiques. Unfortunately, it’s nowhere I can shop because they both cater to the female shopper but I’m not here to write about things that only i can relate to.

First, there was moojoo ken, meaning unconditional in Japanese. Tucked away in a tiny row house on the corridor, moojoo ken offers everything from clothing to handbags to jewelry. With every moojoo ken original, there is in some way shape or form the inclusion of their exotic emblem tying each piece together. Here’s a look at there store and some of their products.

moojoo ken




Next there was Nana, a store for the savvy shopper. Jackie Flanagan opened Nana in April 2003 with her grandmother in mind. Flanagan says her grandmother has such fashion smarts and she has always looked up to her grace and glamour. Out of the two, Nana was the more appealing to my eye being that I’m really into the unique yet sheek look on a female. Look for yourself.

CoutureSteez Out!!!







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