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Hollywood Glam: New Meets Old

Time for another GLAMorous entry.

Today’s diva is the amazing Dorothy Dandridge. In here time, she was a terrific actress, a foxy lady and a beautiful spirit. Her light shined bright, and her style even brighter. From grand evening gowns to sassy little ensembles, Dandridge had herself fully indulged in the fashion world, but who today even comes close?? I’ll tell you it’s not Halle Berry, so guess again…

have you guessed it?? It’s the beautiful…

Kerry Washington!!! From her beauty to her style, Washington is ever so captivating. Her acting skills are just as amazing, and I personally wish that she did more. But one thing she’s ALWAYS doing, is looking GREAT. No matter the event, no matter the season, Washington will always look her best in the hottest designs. She’s just as foxy as Ms. Dandridge, with a little more style sizzle. Check her out!!!

Be sure and stay tuned for more of your faves meeting your faves.

CoutureSteez Out!!!


Hollywood Glam: New Meets Old

Staying in this weeks theme of Hollywood glam, here’s a second dose of old meets new.

Marilyn Monroe…her name alone speaks volumes. When I think of Hollywood glam, I’d say she’s the epitome. She has a regalness that cannot easily be acquired, and a sophistication that any woman would want. Most known for her scantily clad outfits, Monroe still was and is respected as a respectful woman. It was at first hard for me to find her successor, but once I did i knew it was the perfect match…

Because this woman has that same classy sex appeal.


Charlize Theron. As you see above, even the world thinks she’s the best candidate, being that she’ll be playing Monroe in an upcoming movie. But aside from looking like her, Theron holds a lot of the characteristics that Monroe does; sophistication, class, sexiness and is just a plain old sweetheart. I look forward to seeing her as Marilyn, how about you??

Be sure to check back tomorrow for two more stars.

CoutureSteez Out!!!


Hollywood Glam: New Meets Old

As I stated not too long ago, UC proclaims July Celebrity Fashion Month, and this week we are big on Hollywood glam. From simply chic movie stars to cutting edge rock stars, here are some of the most “glammed” out stars of our time and beyond.


First up, there is the beautifully simplistic Audrey Hepburn. Best known for her role in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” Hepburn is probably one of the most iconic members of the “Hollywood Glam Dolls.” She’s done everything from the little black dress to a nice pair of slacks and an easy-going blouse. No one will ever TRULY be the next Audrey Hepburn…





But if I had to choose any one woman that I feel, today, reflects her image, it would be the amazingly stylish…

Kate Beckinsale!!! In contrary to Audrey she usually plays more empowering characters, but her style and demeanor are still very classic and soft, and I feel as though she captures a modern day style that follows Ms. Hepburn. Check her out.

There is much more to come throughout the week, so stay tuned.

CoutureSteez Out!!!


Celebs in Fashion.

Hello Everyone!!! This month at UC, we’ve decided to pay our respect to the people that inspire a lot of what fashion was, is and will become. CELBRITIES!!! From MJ, himself, may he rest in peace, to Kanye West. From Audrey Hepburn to Rihanna. Celebrities alike, have been making and breaking trends for years. They even inspire the not so cool ones. i.e. MC Hammer’s hammer pant which has now become the more tamed harem pant. We can always look forward to something new when it comes to our celebs so it’s only right we pay homage.

This week we start off with Hollywood Glam: New Meets Old, in which we honor the women that make getting up in the morning and stepping out of bed beautiful, look easy. Stay tuned for some great articles on some of your favorite female stars.

CoutureSteez Out!!!

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