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How Do I…Smell??


In today’s society, looking good is not our only prerogative; we must also smell the part. Here are a few new fragrances that could make anyone stand out in a crowd, or should I say “smell” out…boy was that corny.

First up we have Very Hollywood, by Michael Kors, which is a new fragrance for women inspired by the glamour of the red carpet. Designer Michael Kors says, “Very Hollywood is the indulgence. This is the gold dress!” The ad campaign shot by Mario Testino, which is partially shown above, features Carmen Kass wearing “the gold dress,” and being escorted by Noah Mills to a red carpet event.


The sophisticated floral scent features top notes of mandarin and iced bergamot, the heart is of wet jasmine, ylang-ylang, raspberry and gardenia, and the bottom is of Italian orris, creamy amber, soft white moss and vetiver. The glass bottle is made to resemble flashbulbs and the outer packaging is a rich coral with a gold border, the Very Hollywood label features a font inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel. Very Hollywood is slated to launch in September 2009, select products are currently available at


The collection includes: Very Hollywood Michael Kors Luxe Perfume Spray 1.0oz ($300), Very Hollywood Michael Kors Eau de Parfum Spray 1.0oz, ($45)/1.7oz, ($65)/3.4oz, ($85), Very Hollywood Michael Kors Hollywood Fabulotion 5.0oz ($45), Limited-Edition Very Hollywood Michael Kors Hollywood Signature ($25) and Limited-Edition Very Hollywood Michael Kors Hollywood Gem Solid Perfume Ring ($40). The collection also includes some fabulous items like a ballpoint pen with Very Hollywood scented-ink, a coral cocktail ring containing Very Hollywood scent in solid form, gift set which will include fragrance and unscented false eyelashes, a miniature Very Hollywood bottle choker and gold clutch. Few more pictures below.


kors-ad5Limited-Edition Very Hollywood Michael Kors Hollywood Gem Solid Perfume Ring $40.00 (Sephora Exclusive)


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Hollywood Glam: New Meets Old

Time for another GLAMorous entry.

Today’s diva is the amazing Dorothy Dandridge. In here time, she was a terrific actress, a foxy lady and a beautiful spirit. Her light shined bright, and her style even brighter. From grand evening gowns to sassy little ensembles, Dandridge had herself fully indulged in the fashion world, but who today even comes close?? I’ll tell you it’s not Halle Berry, so guess again…

have you guessed it?? It’s the beautiful…

Kerry Washington!!! From her beauty to her style, Washington is ever so captivating. Her acting skills are just as amazing, and I personally wish that she did more. But one thing she’s ALWAYS doing, is looking GREAT. No matter the event, no matter the season, Washington will always look her best in the hottest designs. She’s just as foxy as Ms. Dandridge, with a little more style sizzle. Check her out!!!

Be sure and stay tuned for more of your faves meeting your faves.

CoutureSteez Out!!!


Who’s Got Style??

urbancosummerchallengeHello there my fashion junkies, long time no post lol. It’s time that we get this summer started with a little style contest. If you know anyone that has style, designs or just likes to dress up for fun, tell them to enter Urban Couture’s first style contest. But this isn’t just any old contest where you get dresssed up and send in random pics. There are rules that apply.

 Rules go as follows:

  • You must incorporate three summer essentials; shorts, the color yellow and a tank or sleeveless shirt (as shown above; ladies make it into something you can work).
  • You must submit a picture with your name, age, and city to
  • You must be as creative as possible. Use nice backdrops, props, even drag your friend in the pic for more of an edge.

Take the look and make it your own with lots of accessories and summer pizazz!!! Not everyone can take something so simple and turn it into the “IT” factor and I want to see if you can. The winner will be featured on Urban Couture in a full fleged interview with both myself and Joe Couture. They will also receive a $30 gift card to the store of their choice, so come with it and may the best person win!!!

CoutureSteez Out!!!


Videos That Inspire.

Once again we have a chick that has inspired many a trend. In 2006, Kelis Rogers-Jones let it be known that it’s okay to not always rock long, pretty hair, just as long as you do it right. Long before Rihanna came along, she had just about every female that considered themselves fashionable getting an A-symetrical bob, while some even took it as far as to get designs cut into their head like the risque’ songstress.

But it wasn’t just her haircut that caught our eye. Kelis’s swag was on 1000 before we had ever heard the phrase. From walking with a green dog to reciting lyrics as thourough as, “I’m bossy, I’m the FIRST girl to scream on the track, I switched up the beat of the drum, That’s right, I brought all the boys to the yard, and that’s right I’m the one that’s tattooed on his arm,” we had to give old girl her props. She has obviously influenced the Rihanna’s, Amber Rose’s and Solange’s, and I hope to see her help our girls into the next fashion wave.

To get the Kelis look, go to one of your local hair stylist famous for a good cut and then hit up bebe for a couple of garments to get ya Kelis on. Don’t be afraid of ruffles, huge bows, intricate detailing and short shorts. Here are a few things that could help you achieve the look.





CoutureSteez Out!!!


Videos That Inspire.

So every now and again there is a video produced by some “iconic-being” that is the portal to some new fashion era. In 2007, Beyonce Knowles put in place the ideal that when females steps out they should put on a dress that makes the guys want to freak’um. With this came a video showcasing how and what to wear to make this work just right. Now, every time I’m at a club or see one of my homegirls on the way there, I see nothing but breast, legs and thighs; all that’s missing are the wings.

‘Freakum Dress’ is Urban Couture’s first video that has inspired a new fashion craze but it won’t be our last; and in true Urban Couture style, I must leave you with some places to find your very own freakum dress. Keep in mind that this season’s freakum dress is a more sophisticated approach, but will still bag you that guy at the bar. Betsey Johnson has been making dresses for awhile now, but she has now grasped Beyonce’s ideal with this season’s collection. Check it out!!!

CoutureSteez Out!!!


It’s Hard “Running In Heels.”

Marie Claire has signed on with the Style network to bring us a fresh, new reality show about three interns living together in a loft located in New York’s Soho. The show is called ‘Running In Heels’ and isn’t just another reality show where people compete for a job title. It is said that the show is more along the lines of a documentary and you don’t have to worry about your favorite character eventually taking the boot. You can look out for the premiere on March 1. For more on the story and a look at some potential guest stars, click here.

CoutureSteez Out!!!


Does Music Influence Style??

As a generation fully indulged in pop culture and the music era, the question arises, “Does music influence style?” If you’re an avid listener to hip-hop does that mean you wear baggy jeans and graphic tees with high-top Jordans, or if you listen to alternative rock that you wear skinny jeans and military jackets with a five year old pair of Chuck Taylors?? We all know that the artists of the said music genres follow these stereotypes for the most part but do we as a people?? I personally believe that we do.

From day to day I see a number of college students walking around with iPods and other mp3 players singing along to songs of their choice. Guys with “baggier” pants and Polo shirts are usually listening to the Kanye’s, Weezy’s and maybe even the Common’s, while girls with tight jeans, name brands such as Baby Phat, Dereon and Apple Bottom with thick weaves bump their Keyshia Cole’s, Beyonce’s and Trey Songz. Then you have guys like me that wear fitting to slightly tighter jeans, button downs and sweaters, funky jackets and hoodies, designer accessories, sneakers or sometimes dress shoes, that listen to a variety of artists from Ryan Leslie to Feist, Gucci Mane to Adele and Keri Hilson to Elbow (Great Indie Group). There are even the chicks that wear five inch heels, designer jeans, designer bags, bohemian blouses with natural hairstyles, listening to the Lauryn Hill’s, Jill Scott’s and Raphael Saadiq’s. If you don’t believe me go check for yourself!!! Better yet, let me know how you feel. Drop a comment with your opinion.

CoutureSteez Out!!!

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