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The Fashion Tango.

Here’s a fashion spread from the July 2009 issue of Teen Vogue. “South of the Border” inspired fashions are the IT factor this summer. They have all the color, style and personality you need to look great on a beautiful summer’s day. Which look would you wear??

pants by Liz Claiborne New York; Swarovski crystal bracelets by LK Jewelry by Leetal Kalmanson; woven bangles by Mercedes Salazar; bag by Antik Batik; sandals by Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti
dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs; fabric and rhinestone bangles by Alyssa Norton; geometric wood bangles by Kool Konnections; yellow bracelet by Giles & Brother by Philip Crangi; bag by Longchamp

t-shirt by Topshop; skirt by See by Chloe’; necklace by Erickson Beamon for Anna Sui; belt by Calleen Cordero Designs; jeweled and floral bracelets by Erickson Beamon; wooden bangle by M. Haskell; beaded bangle by Pono by Joan Goodman
dress by Karen Walker; necklace by Roberta Freymann; bag by Anna Sui; ring by Erickson Beamon; wooden bangles by R.J. Graziano; thin crystal bangles by Sorelli

dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs; bag by The Jackson Twins; beaded butterfly pin (on bag) by Alejandra Quesada; moccasins by Antik Batik

FIRST LOOK: t-shirt by Apparel; shorts by Suno; necklace by Pepita; belts by Sunshine & Shadow; beaded bracelets by Juicy Couture; doll by La Sirena; bracelet (on doll) by Mercedes Salazar

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Videos That Inspire.

Back again with another influential video, and this time it’s something for the guys. Lupe Fiasco first hit the scene in 2006, with the Grammy nominated single, Kick, Push. Along with a hot track, he brought along the idea that black folk can skateboard too. No he wasn’t the first to be doing it, but he was in the best position to get dudes still wearing tall tees and hanging at the trap, to go ahead and wash those tees in hot water and go hang at a skate park. I personally thank him for that. Though in true stubborn, black boy fashion it did take a while to catch on, but as other contributers such as Pharrell and Kanye took a part in the movement it has slowly become a trend.

Unfortunately, the original video with the original track couldn’t be found so the above video is a remixed version but you still get the same feel. Here are some designs from the brand, Stussy, which is now one of the most sought after clothing lines by black skateboard fanatics. Check them out and tell me what you like.


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Fall Forward.

VMAN Magazine, brother to V Magazine, is known for it’s prominent fashion spreads and this year’s summer issue has continued to uphold their name. With the magazine being about fashions to hold you over until fall, they have a great range of hot styles, but nothing compares to the fall looks by 13 exuberant designers.


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Who’s Got Style??

urbancosummerchallengeHello there my fashion junkies, long time no post lol. It’s time that we get this summer started with a little style contest. If you know anyone that has style, designs or just likes to dress up for fun, tell them to enter Urban Couture’s first style contest. But this isn’t just any old contest where you get dresssed up and send in random pics. There are rules that apply.

 Rules go as follows:

  • You must incorporate three summer essentials; shorts, the color yellow and a tank or sleeveless shirt (as shown above; ladies make it into something you can work).
  • You must submit a picture with your name, age, and city to
  • You must be as creative as possible. Use nice backdrops, props, even drag your friend in the pic for more of an edge.

Take the look and make it your own with lots of accessories and summer pizazz!!! Not everyone can take something so simple and turn it into the “IT” factor and I want to see if you can. The winner will be featured on Urban Couture in a full fleged interview with both myself and Joe Couture. They will also receive a $30 gift card to the store of their choice, so come with it and may the best person win!!!

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Sneaker’s Alternative.

As i’ve said time and time again, I’d love for us, as men, to step our game up when it comes to our footwear. No longer should we spend hundreds of dollars on Nike’s, Adidas’, Supra’s and any other sneaker brand. There are so many more flattering choices, including moccasins, loafers, boots and now the new Clae Collection. Yes they are in the sneaker family but they have a chic twist and can be worn with a lot more than just your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Throw on a short sleeve button-up, cardigan vest, a sleek pair of chinos and some wayferers with a pair of Kennedy‘s and you’ll look stylish with a tad bit of sophistication. You can even throw on a rugby, some shorts, and a pair of Cousteau‘s for a fun, nautical look. You can pretty much pull off any pair of shoes from the collection and still exemplify a more “grown man” approach.

For more pictures of the collection, click here.

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Carolyn Massey and TOPMAN.

As I stated in a previous entry, I love TOPMAN USA. I recently found out about their LENS line, which is released twice a year in Febuary and September. The line features different designers, inviting them to make small collections for the line. This seasons five include, Dexter Wong, Kasper Harup-Hansen, MJOLK, James Long and a new fave of mine, Carolyn Massey.

Carolyn Massey has established herself as one of the key names in British menswear (soon to come to the states), producing relaxed luxury clothes and a number of beast pieces for her TOPMAN LENS collection. She will take place in London’s Fashion Week with her first solo show on Febuary 25th and I’m super excited to see it. But don’t fret, you won’t have to wait that long to get a sneak peak of her Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Check it out!!!

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TOPMAN has become one of my favorite online sites for shopping. Mostly because they’re very discreet here in the U.S. so I don’t have to worry about someone owning the same shirt as me next door. I also love the fact that they have tailored suits because I hate those “Steve Harvey” fitting suits. Every bi-season they have a “latest trend”  and this season it’s a romantic yet utilitarian look. Incorporating unstructured knits, army “left-overs” and gym clothes, look out for knitted cottons, stone washed jeans and tons of jersey and sweats.

In the video, the trend celebrates the coming together of two great countries after the bringing down of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Check it out!!!

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