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Videos That Inspire.

Back again with another influential video, and this time it’s something for the guys. Lupe Fiasco first hit the scene in 2006, with the Grammy nominated single, Kick, Push. Along with a hot track, he brought along the idea that black folk can skateboard too. No he wasn’t the first to be doing it, but he was in the best position to get dudes still wearing tall tees and hanging at the trap, to go ahead and wash those tees in hot water and go hang at a skate park. I personally thank him for that. Though in true stubborn, black boy fashion it did take a while to catch on, but as other contributers such as Pharrell and Kanye took a part in the movement it has slowly become a trend.

Unfortunately, the original video with the original track couldn’t be found so the above video is a remixed version but you still get the same feel. Here are some designs from the brand, Stussy, which is now one of the most sought after clothing lines by black skateboard fanatics. Check them out and tell me what you like.


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Videos That Inspire.

Once again we have a chick that has inspired many a trend. In 2006, Kelis Rogers-Jones let it be known that it’s okay to not always rock long, pretty hair, just as long as you do it right. Long before Rihanna came along, she had just about every female that considered themselves fashionable getting an A-symetrical bob, while some even took it as far as to get designs cut into their head like the risque’ songstress.

But it wasn’t just her haircut that caught our eye. Kelis’s swag was on 1000 before we had ever heard the phrase. From walking with a green dog to reciting lyrics as thourough as, “I’m bossy, I’m the FIRST girl to scream on the track, I switched up the beat of the drum, That’s right, I brought all the boys to the yard, and that’s right I’m the one that’s tattooed on his arm,” we had to give old girl her props. She has obviously influenced the Rihanna’s, Amber Rose’s and Solange’s, and I hope to see her help our girls into the next fashion wave.

To get the Kelis look, go to one of your local hair stylist famous for a good cut and then hit up bebe for a couple of garments to get ya Kelis on. Don’t be afraid of ruffles, huge bows, intricate detailing and short shorts. Here are a few things that could help you achieve the look.





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Videos That Inspire.

So every now and again there is a video produced by some “iconic-being” that is the portal to some new fashion era. In 2007, Beyonce Knowles put in place the ideal that when females steps out they should put on a dress that makes the guys want to freak’um. With this came a video showcasing how and what to wear to make this work just right. Now, every time I’m at a club or see one of my homegirls on the way there, I see nothing but breast, legs and thighs; all that’s missing are the wings.

‘Freakum Dress’ is Urban Couture’s first video that has inspired a new fashion craze but it won’t be our last; and in true Urban Couture style, I must leave you with some places to find your very own freakum dress. Keep in mind that this season’s freakum dress is a more sophisticated approach, but will still bag you that guy at the bar. Betsey Johnson has been making dresses for awhile now, but she has now grasped Beyonce’s ideal with this season’s collection. Check it out!!!

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