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In keeping with my friends and my attempt to make a trending topic (on twitter that is), I’ve decided to give everyone some advice on how to be the best broke, yet bougie, person you can be. As followers of fashion, we all fall victim to bouginess at some point or another, and I’m here to let you know that just because you’re currently in a broke state doesn’t mean you have to give up on improving your closet. Here are five sure fire ways to be broke, yet remain the bougie being you have grown to become.

  1. Cruise you favorite stores for great deals and amazing sales. There’s always something hot on the clearance racks, so don’t be ashamed to poke your head around the ones in your favorite store. If you’re EXTRA bougie, just go online. No one sees you and will never truly know if you paid the retailed $300.00 or the discounted $45.00.
  2. Buy a few big name fashion magazines and tear out ads of clothes you’d wear. Go to your local forever 21, which sells the same designs for less, and get the look you want. If you’re EXTRA bougie, go to Macy’s or Dillard’s and get something with a little more quality but not too much higher of a price.
  3. Shop at local thrift stores and consignment shops. Rich people throw away things just because they have a loose thread or because they didn’t get to wear it before they gained lots of weight. If you’re EXTRA bougie, go to the places they consider “vintage” shops where you can tell others that you’re just trying to look a little more retro.
  4. Go raid a friend or family members closet. They’re bound to have something you’d love to pair with some of your favorite accessories. If they’re not willing to allow you anything, remind them whose idea it was to buy it in the first place. If you’re EXTRA bougie and borrowing clothes just isn’t for you, go in the back of your closet and wear some things you haven’t worn in a while. Make them look totally new by pairing them with things you’d never imagine to. That always works.
  5. Last. Go to your local consignment shop and sell them some of the things you don’t wear anymore in exchange for a store credit or even cash. Be sure to bring things in style and wearable. If you’re EXTRA bougie and wouldn’t dare sell any of your belongings for cash, GO GET A JOB!!! Spoiled freak.

Hope that this has been a little helpful for you guys struggling in these trying times. Best of luck to you all.

CoutureSteez Out!!!


Hello Fashion Junkees!

Chanel Home-Made Tie

Hello there my fellow fashion lovers. 2009 marks the year of reaping. So anything you have “sewn” during the past year into your harvest will now be executed times two. That even includes your wardrobe. Many of us buy things year round, wear it a couple of times and then we’re done. Why, do you ask?? Because no one wants to be caught dead in anything twice. Well I’m here to tell you that things should be different this year. Some things are just timeless and can be taken out of it’s usual element. For example, you’ve been wearing those same tired church shoes for the past two or three years and unfortunately they’ve become quite worn out. Well how about next week you wear them with some sleek slacks, a nice button down shirt and your favorite sweater giving you the ever so popular vintage look with out even doing the rumaging. Don’t think I forgot about you ladies, take that old hair wrap of yours and give yourself the old nautical look with an exaggerated home-made bow tie. Just remember that fashion is forever and one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Don’t let them have what you put your hard earned summer savings into, just mix it up.

CoutureSteez Out!!!

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